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Ahmed Nager Chatha


Ahmed Nager Chatha has a population of over 25,000 and is located about 20 kilometres northwest of Gujranwala city. The population is over 99% Muslim. Most people in the town speak Punjabi, though almost all of them can also speak national language of Pakistan, Urdu. English is spoken by educated elite.


Govt. Boys Higher Secondary School, Ahmad Nagar Chattha established in 1910 Ahmad Nagar’s oldest and best educational institute. Some Private Schools and Colleges have also established,

touseef public school is oldest private school of Ahmad Nagar Chattha

Notable residents


The only way to get to Ahmed Nager Chattha is by road. Besides driving your own car (which takes about 30 minutes from Gujranwala or Wazirabad), one can also catch a bus or van from Gujranwala or Wazirabad to get there. Ahmed Nagar Chatha is connected with Wazirabad via Wazirabad-Rasul Nagar Highway, though the city is situated a few kilometers aways from this highway. Another road connects it with Gujranwala via Kalaskay. This city has direct link with Gakhar via NoorKot. Wazirabad-Faisalabad rail link is the only nearby railway line.


Most people in the town work in agricultural related fields, while some are also involved in trading activities.

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