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Ali Pur

Ali pur Tehsil (Urdu: تحصِيل على پُور‎), is a tehsil, (an administrative subdivision), of Muzaffargarh District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Its capital is Alipur city.[1] COSTs The tehsil of Alipur consit many cost, main of these are:[2]



The tehsil of Alipur is administratively subdivided into 14 Union Councils, these are:[2]


Ali pur was a part of the state of (Seet pur سِيت پُور). About 1,200 years ago, Al-Hajjaj bin Yousef sent Muhammad Bin Qasim to conquer the Raja Dahir state,in this time famous cost of this state umrani baloch,and famous person haji ghulam mustafa umrani, Ali pur being a part of this state.Hazrat Bahaudin Zakarya Hashmi Qureshi Multani and his family gave a greatest service to the people of Alipur while educating them. Today, Ali pur is a bustling urban town burdened under over population; and although ill planning and lack of proper governance over the years has virtually halted the progress, this historic town still has much to offer to its residents and its ever increasing new settlers.


Average Litracy rate is about 42% and there are large numbers of public and private primary and secondary schools. During Musharraf Rule Alipur was heavily urbanised and a heavy enrollment in primary schools was seen.There are also large numbers of Religious Mudarsas that provides free religious education mainly to lower class. During Musharraf rule the Government High school Ali pur was one of top and leading teaching institute but during democratic government of PPP the school was ruined because the teaching staff started opening their own academies and schools. The same circumstances can be seen with Government Post Graduate College Alipur.

Private sector in Education has great competition in the area, most of the school are working under the partnership of Punjab Education Foundation. Quality of education has been improved due to great competition. Luqman baloch is one of the City coordinator for Alipur and Jatoi working under the NEEF for PEF QAT and Pre-QAT Exams. Transparency has been improved in testing due to NEEF management.


Wheat, cotton and sugarcane are the main crops but due to negligence of the governmental agriculture and irrigation departments, its land is being wasted to soil malfunctions and floods. Pomegranates, mangoes and dates used to be the famous fruits of Alipur long time ago but they are getting vanished now.

There is a strong need for the development of the area as there’s no industry, no railway station or no any business opportunities. The feudals here control everything, no higher educational institutions have been set up here since its existence, and it is considered amongst the most deprived and neglected areas in the country. The people of the area are hard working, hospitable and friendly.

Health and Legal services’

Alipur has a Tehsil Headquarters Hospital(THQ), 15 Basic Health Units(BHUs) and 3 Government Rural Dispensaries(GRDs) dealing with all sort of emergencies and routine Health care. Dr. Fazal Hussain Malik is Deputy District Officer(Health) in Tehsil Alipur. Dr Muhammed Azam Khan Gabool(Child Specialist) is assistant professor at Nishtar Medical College belongs to Alipur.

Neighbouring areas

Panorama of A Farm View in Ali Pur By Sunny Malik

Ten kilometres east of Alipur lies Punjnad Head Works, where five rivers meet: Sutlej, Jhelum River, Ravi, Chanab, and Beas On the other side a village name Khair Pur Sadat only 12 km distance is there. The Indus river beside Langah village and 8 km away from Khair Pur Sadaat. On the opposite bank of the Indus lies Rajanpur District. There lies Damar Wala Janubi and near it about 2 kilometers is Head Punjnad. Nalka adda is small town near head punjnad economic hub for nearby villages. The Gabol tribe is in majority in this area.

To the South of Ali pur, there is a road leading to channi Goth so it is named as Channi Goth Road. On channi Goth Road, there lies Government High School Thaheem Wala. It is only 2 kilometers away from Ali pur. Channi Goth Road ends at channab River that is about 12 kilometers away to the south of Ali Pur. Channi Goth Road from Ali pur to Channab river contains small villages such as Thaheem Wala, Chowki Gabol, Bakhoo wala, people wala and Chowk Madhee(مڑھی)as its last village before Channab River.

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