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Basti Malook

Basti Maluk (Urdu: بستی ملوک‎) is town of Multan District, Punjab, Pakistan. Basti Maluk and its localities and subtowns comprise a population of around 20,000. It is located at29°51′16″N 71°32′11″ECoordinates: 29°51′16″N 71°32′11″E and an altitude of 119 metres.[4]

Basti Maluk is a town situated 35 km in south of Multan. In east duniya pur is located and in west there is Shuja Abad. which is famous for mangoes all over the world. In its south there is another little population named as Makhdoom Aali. This place is famous for Halwa the most famous Brand is Munawar ka Sohan Halwa. (this town is marked erroneously about 100 miles away in north western direction of its actual position.

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